Posted on 28-Jan-2018


In 3 categories SASHITEK provide services in Techno Legal Services

Cat-1: MSA and Contracts
* Drafting & Executing Master Service Agreements for Projects.
* Reviewing commercial terms & conditions in contracts.
* Defining Scope of Work, timelines
* Defining KPI, SLA measurement, tools etc...
* Drafting & reviewing Scope of Work (SOW)
Comply agreements with Law of Land

Cat-2: Legal Cyber Security
*Conducting employee awareness session on cyber security, cyber threat for organization.
* Periodic completion of Training.
* Data Security & Privacy.
* Defining & Monitoring controls for compliance.
* Comply with EU Clause for Data Transfer.

Cat-3: Employee / Forensics
* Processing offer letters for employees.
* On/off boarding of employees, access provisioning.
* Develop policy & procedure for each process.
* NDA with employee / vendor / third party etc...
* Carryout forensics investigation incase of evidence to be extracted as per requirement by law.
* Periodic Monitoring & update for defined policy.
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